E1ULife Comp Plan


Every member must pass up the 2nd person they refer to their sponsor. The person passed up is their qualifying referral. After the 2nd pass up sale, all future sales are kept.

Example: Members A, B, C and D sign up.

A signs up under the Leader 1.

B signs up under A

C signs up under A and is passed up to Leader 1 and becomes A's qualifying referral.

D signs up under A and becomes A's 2nd leg in their downline.

All future sign ups under A will belong to A.

Residual Income Element

Each person you sponsor: Each sale you make (person you sponsor) will pass up their 2nd sale to you (individual and the income)

Each arrow represents a 2nd sale pass up from those you have sponsored and those that were passed up

Individual Level Pass Up: Each sale you make at each level will pass up the 2nd sale at that level.

Example: If you make a sale at the Elevation Basic in the amount of $30. This person you sponsor must pass up their 2nd sale to you for elevation. If and when this same user joins any other level, they must pass up that 2nd sale at each level. If a user only joins at 1 level, they are only required to pass up the level they have.

Each person passed up: The power of the residual element comes in when you see how each person you sponsor not only passes up their 2nd sale. But each of the 2nd sales passed to you also pass up their 2nd sale.

Elevation Basic - Admin Fee $5
Elevation Elite - Admin Fee $10
Vertex - Admin Fee $25
Vertex Elite - Admin Fee $50
Vertex Pro Connect - Admin Fee $100
Vertex Live - Admin Fee $500